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You will love to know that this non-invasive therapy is suitable for everyone of different age groups. Whether you are a pregnant lady, stressed out corporate worker, athlete, or an elderly person, you can take full advantage of this treatment. Contact us today to find out how.

How does Bowen therapy work?

Bowen Therapy is a simple process of applying light pressure on various body areas using fingers and thumbs. The catch of this therapy is the order in which we move the fingers and

How many sessions are needed?

This varies from person to person, because everyone responds differently but, on average, it is recommended that a client commits to three sessions, ideally 7 days apart. Some problems need more treatments and some even fewer, but you will not be required to have a long course of treatment, only to find that it hasn’t helped. Although there are never any promises, you should in most cases start to see change fairly quickly.

Will it hurt?

Bowen therapy is a manual gentle and non-invasive therapy so no, it does not hurt.

How do I prepare for my Bowen Session?

Because of the subtlety of Bowen and the body’s continuing response to it, schedule your Bowen session at least 4 to 5 days before or after any other bodywork such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, or other modality, as these may interfere with Bowen Therapy’s effectiveness.
For best results, make sure you are properly hydrating in the days prior to a treatment. This helps the messages and vibrations of the performed Bowen moves to travel more easily through muscles, fascia, and tendons.
Bring or wear light, loose, comfortable clothing to the session (for example, cotton t-shirt, gym shorts, yoga pants).

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